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Wild Organic Turmeric Root from Fiji

Our Wild Organic Turmeric is native to Fiji where it grows in abundance in the foothills across the main island of Vitu Levu. At Island Magic we have an established village network that we have been working with for over 25 years. The land has been USDA organically certified and we export organic turmeric root globally.


High Grade Organic Turmeric Root from Fiji

Collected wild from over 6,500 acres of land in a native village community partnership as well as being cultivated on our own 85 hectare farm with full organic certification.

Fijian wild organic turmeric is a root that is abundant across the Nadroga region of Fiji and Island Magic has established a growers group network across the villages of the region to procure the fresh turmeric from their vast land.

The Fijian wild organic turmeric is collected by community teams made up of members of the village network. Prepared on the banks and washed in the rivers of the Sigatoka region, the wild Turmeric is then prepared for shipment in our dedicated pack house prior to export or delivery locally.

The Island Magic model

  • Allow communities to sustainably develop and utilize their most sacred, precious and valuable asset – their ancestral lands.
  • Being a true partner with the rural village communities & villages with which they have worked for over a quarter of a century to date.
  • Obtaining organic certification to enhance the value and global reach.
  • Providing access to the expanding foreign organic market for wild harvest and farm grown organic produce with Island magic establishing a USDA certification status.
  • Providing the expertise required to train and up skill these communities in sustainable and organic practices and ensuring greater yields from ancestral lands year in and year out.
  • Providing employment on the Island Magic farm (an initial 85 hectares) and pack houses to members of these communities.
  • Island Magic over time will be working closely with villages within the grower network to develop numerous wild grown and organic products that are native to the region for both export and domestic markets.


Island Magic turmeric is 100% USDA NOP certified organic, all the way from its fields, pack house and processing factory and finally, to you, our customers. You can rest assured that all Island Magic turmeric is 100% free of any sprays, pesticides, fertilizers or any other form of artificial inputs. In fact, Island Magic takes great pride in saying that the only inputs required to grow its premium supply of organic turmeric are the naturally occurring abundant sunshine, tropical rain waters and the untouched mineral and nutrient rich volcanic soils of the beautiful Fiji Islands of the South Pacific.



Daveta Rugby

The founders of Island Magic have played an integral part in the development of the Daveta Rugby team for over 25 years.

Daveta Rugby a Nadroga based rugby club is focussed on providing development opportunities for Fijian based rugby players to prepare them for competition at the elite level. Daveta Rugby places a great focus on the importance of community. The Daveta concept was borne from the ideals of providing an opportunity for community development through Rugby and this ethos continues today. The spirit of community is an essential element of Fijian culture which is embraced by Daveta. Through the development of vocational programs and infrastructure in Fiji, Daveta aims to assist the local community to reach some of their own ambitions.

Due to Daveta’s success and their own natural talents many players have gone on to play at club and international level around the world including 8 former Daveta players who won Fiji’s first gold medal at the Olympic games of Rio 2016.

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